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Dating an 18-year girl old as a 26

We have our problems like any other couple but in the time we been together, our age has NEVER been an issue. bf (in my house, not my mother, not the house), that In the VERY HAPPY.. Because as far as I can say is about dating and the life of my 18 y. If you are both the party want to then great, if you both have a family want to have to then great, find out for yourself! 1 2 3 4 5. The guy didn’t feel as if our relationship is right, even if I feel that the only two that really matter is him and me. o. You are aware of the fact that at 18 you are not going to the same level as they have and how they might be used, but that doesn’t mean that you can teach a little about relationships in the adult world, and both enjoy each other’s company. I’m really Mature for may age, but friends have to understand that, and I want an open relationship with some1, maybe nothing too serious, but just fun and monogamous. Most of the 18-year-olds are Mature enough to know what you want in life and many are looking for fun, so it definitely has the potential to have a good relationship like my and his. I just want him to be comfortable with our situation, and not have to feel guilty if something happens before we are both ready

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  1. He is a great guy, but I am not realistic when I tell him I’m ready for a relationship now, I don’t want to be allow in a relationship or low, however, at 27 years old.
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Don’t get me wrong, we do our bad times, but I’ve noticed about him is that he like to speak it and don’t like to leave the house to know that we have a problem.but this is my situation, you will never know unless you give and you take this chance if you want to, and know that you always come back and that is what LIFE is all about. He is weery about it, and I know the age thing bothers him, because he is the people think always worried about what my parents know about us and are happy for me, because, you know, I’m very Mature for my age I have my first job when I was 15 and self have lived as a single mother since, I start college in the fall and am to be goig, an accountant. I was recently very sick for about 2 months ( I’m still sick actually ) and constantly in and out of the hospital. We were just casual friends for a long time and never thought that anything would come, but about 3 months ago, we started talking and texting each other more, and as time passed, we talked more and more and more. We moved in together in 7 months and I have every hour of every day practically with each other. Since I’ll be 18, I want to go out and party a lot etc, but I am sure that we on it and make a compromise. So maybe you want to consider, to stop all possibilities of getitng with her now, before they are attached. If you do this, you have nothing to fear, if you your relationship will be sexual. In the end, I was really unhappy in the relationship, because I was a different person grew at 23 than I was at 18. (We divorced.).

I am the youngest brother in my family (I’m 23 now.) I think it must have been strange, if she was 18 and he was 23. Of course, she had her concerns, but she knew that I was a very head strong person and when that I thought to be honest, this is what I wanted, I would go for him, so they supported me.. And I think if it is really true love it will last:) I think patience and mutual respect is the most important. It doesn’t sound like much now, as you are already happily married for almost 20 years and have 3 children. Relationships work, because they do both, what is the same thing in the end has nothing to do with the age. I’m in love with a 22 years old and I’m 18, I know I would want someone to tell him to go for it, if he were you. And not only me and my partner are, family and friends can see that we are a perfect match and positive, together we will to the conclusion. Have someone to support me and be with me, was amazing, and something I would expect with a younger man. 1 2 3 4 5. He wants different things, then I know I’m still young, and realistically, I want to go to my youth,, have fun. The thing is, we have to ‘see each other’, nothing official, nothing crazy, I dont hang with his friends and he can’t hang with me, but he is home with me EVERY night, He has his own place, but since I go to a 3-year-old son, dont often. For me as an 18-year-old in the relationship, my friend gave me stability and my soothing effect, when I get back home. I’ve seen him for a couple of years now, and to be quite honest, I love him more than anything else. The really important thing is that they are both on the same maturity level or otherwise you will really be in trouble. The majority of 18 year olds have a significantly higher tendency to explore the world (hey, we just become legal), where as the majority of the 26-year-old found out, for the most part, where you want to go in life and are sedentary on the ‘everyday’ stage. I don’t know if or what I should say, I don’t want to ruin a good friendship by making her uncomfortable, if I say something and you don’t feel the same. Dating me (18 years old), has really made the life of my friend, as I him for the first time. 1 2 3 4 5

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