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I’m not against it, to see him 1-4 times a week, as my previous relationships ended up being in the fight the whole time from each other too much. I must ask or must I always just go with the flow and let things happen and nature take its course. It’s messier it was, we still had another fight to talk after he stop to me for two days and you tell me he takes time after the pressure on him, why he didn’t SMS me. I’m not confused, because I know what we are, or what is not, if we do us much other than together..

  1. But there is no reason, he would do anything different than he has done, because what he is doing, so far, everything has worked out well.
  2. After many years of unfulfilled long-term relationships is not required, I do not see why I should be wasting more time.
  3. Even if he go jealous when I with other guys, he’s not really restricted me for a date.
  4. In fact, I didn’t know I could have feelings for him, until his ex is accusing me of trying to steal him.

Also, I don’t think a commitment in the traditional sense, I want to be the reason why he will not commit to someone else. He says I am amazing in bed and I have the perfect body for it, so, because it is soft and smooth and just the right fit.

Then a week after I asked him to meet with me and said sorry for the unnecessary battle that we had before, and I want us to pretend that we never had sex before.. I’m not sure if I need to hold myself back, and other ways, or if this has the potential to be something more serious. The way out would be simply to treat the relationship as it is now actually, really, instead of acting as if it is more. Not financially, but by the fact that, if he needed you to talk, vent, or simply just spend time with someone, and as soon as your situation has resolved, you ditched me 2 weeks later. I am now going through a terrible time in my life, and he left me when I needed him the most, and he also said that he knows this is a tough time for me, and that he was sorry about the timing, but he felt it to be done. We saw each other as fwb, but had a strict agreement by both of us have health problems that none of us intimate would say be with someone else, and if that were to happen, then we would, the other first. The simple fact is this: not to move any questions or pressure on someone, the relationship to the front of the work. He says he doesn’t care because he just wants to see to me regardless and we can cuddle and watch a movie

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He knows I’m a one man girl, so it knows, I’m probably not going anywhere, but how I can know for certain what his intentions are I’m always lost with this guy because he is so different, in a good way, from all the other men I date. I can only agree; however, how else would he know that, when all the wife is happy with the relationship as it is.

  1. I want to call a relationship, children, a husband of my own, if I tell him, he replies with you already have another man, or in him to commit, he want doesnt cheating but me.
  2. Why do he let me go, I gave him the freedom to his own place, so he can be who and what he wants, without the carping and the accusations of the things he does.me pkease help.
  3. My questions are.
  4. Especially if he was aware of his self-so be sure that wants to be alone with me, so I convinced him.
  5. Whatever.
  6. He has the loving feelings for me that I got him, when we are together and if he thinks of me.
  7. Do not put this guy on a pedestal, don’t be afraid to be yourself with him and not be afraid of him.
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  9. Anyway, the problem is that my lover has not respected me, by a phone call from another woman while with me..

He is a very understanding man and after we had sex, I asked if we were exclusive and he suggested that the call fwb cuz is the exclusive means in a relationship and he doesn’t want me to get the wrong idea, if we don’t cuz we know still that long, and he felt it could be too much pressure on both of us due to our past with other relationships He not only has the fwb ended and replaced me immediately, but he also ended our friendship, and the heart right out tore me. I finally said to him, I like him, and it wanted to be, and his answer was quite better than I had hoped, and he said that he likes \\\”sort of\\\” me. Ha Ha. Last year, the same situation happened, he moved in and the same girl, the aborted is pregnant, I told him to leave, n they leave me the hell alone for good, I was done with all his games, because he is still here. You have to show him that losing is a real possibility to him, and to leave that you’re not afraid. I made it too easy for him, now we hardly speak, we walk around the house like strangers, I was the biggest b to him, I made him feel like he is only like a burden, unwanted, but he is still here.

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