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All are committed to the promotion of stability and harmony in their neighborhood, and we are delighted that their progressive life, has recognised the style of choice this award.\\\”. With the naming of Jonathan is the Finance Director of the year, the Jury commented; “This award is designed to honor a truly exceptional finance director. “The Council of the Belfast employability and skills framework and action plan for the next 10 years is currently under public consultation, but among its goals the increase of the employment rate in Belfast and the reduction in the proportion of the working age population with low qualifications. In a time of growing concern about the availability and the cost of social and affordable housing in the whole of the UK, this deal represents a major vote of confidence from Europe in the social housing in the UK and in Belfast in particular.\\\”. Councillor Carole Howard, Vice-Chairman of the city Finance the growth and Regeneration Committee, Belfast City Council, who contributed to the project, welcomed the initiative. They were also designed to the lifetime homes and Secured by Design standards, ensuring added security for tenants and flexibility of adaptation if required at a later date. Darina Armstrong, CEO Progressive Building Society presents Christine McCarron (center) as a Student in the year 2017, together with Lynn Carvill, CEO of WOMEN’s’STEC.. I am really looking forward to the participation of-SPEC more meetings.\\\” A full 10-weeks-SPEC program is planned for Lisburn in the spring. The result, which integrates with all existing infrastructure and local amenities, was very successful

These 16 new homes Clanmil 50% of current social housing in the Region represent almost available, and we are grateful to Clanmil for the work you have done to help in the effort of housing need.\\\”. It is such a vibrant sense of community among our residents here and we are really thankful to you all for your patience during the renovation.. This impressive development offers energy-efficient housing, with plenty of green to enjoy open spaces for families. Clanmil housing invited P7 children from Holy cross Boys’ primary school and Sacred heart primary school propose, a name for the new scheme and were delighted by the response to the competition. It offers a range of housing in Northern Ireland, including family homes, independent living programs for older people, housing with care for frail older people and sheltered housing for older people with dementia. Clare McCarty, Clanmil Chief Executive, is delighted that the success of Caffrey Hill community room, has been recognised in this way. The award recognizes need Clanmil the obligation to ensure, as well as meeting housing, its homes and services also help develop and sustain communities. Fuel poverty is more than twice as often in Northern Ireland as anywhere in England, and it is now generally assumed that 50% of households in Northern Ireland are affected. We see housing as Central to driving change, and these new houses, which is inviting to all, are a significant step forward. And of course, no Christmas would be complete without a visit from Santa, who brings his wife to be together!\\\” Wife, Janet McCloskey, in Clanmil Abercorn Court sheltered housing scheme in Portrush lives, participation in project meetings has started for the Treasure House. It is also highlighted, such as the use of a mobile phone can distract you when driving and lead to accidents. \\\”The residents have told us that they believe the event was beneficial and acted as a timely reminder of the need to take care on the roads.\\\”Councillor Frank McCoubrey, chair of the West Belfast District policing and community safety partnership congratulated all the agencies involved in the provision of such a successful event.

  • The course has been specifically designed to introduce older people to the world of information and communication technology (ICT).
  • Social groups in Northern Ireland, offers activities ranging from lunch clubs, walking groups, and the project will also harm you in partnership with suicide support in the organisation of PIPS to the support of older people at risk of suicide or self.

When we saw these houses being built, I applied to Clanmil but I told autumn to get your expectations too high, in the case we get. “There are an increasing number of older people with disabilities in Northern Ireland. All have been designed to Secured by Design and lifetime homes standards, ensuring added security for tenants and flexibility of adaptation if required at a later date. “The high demand for housing in this area is still development potential in the country remained undeveloped for several years.

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Clare McCarty, Chief Executive of Clanmil said; “Our vision at Clanmil is for everyone, a big house, so we are pleased that habitat for humanity in a practical way. Faced with the growing demand for social housing and the increasing restrictions on statutory funding, our challenge is to find new sources of money, which will support more investment in social housing and the public money go further. To help these families to shape the future and Clanmil will assist you to, as you put it in your new home and new community.\\\”. After a lot of try and a lot of consulting, Development Officer, James Wright, was declared the winner for his amazing chocolate-orange cake. Quality of architectural design is to ensure that the new homes are a positive addition to the village, adding vitality, a place that is free for some time. The Lavinia housing now offers a total of 166 high-quality social housing for families and singles, with the last 12 planned in the next few months. These houses, which stood idle for two years, has been given a new life and taken 20 families off the housing waiting list. Clanmil housing is the only one in Northern Ireland 36 registered housing associations in order to successfully access these funds. Decent housing is a fundamental factor in the creation of a vibrant and sustainable community, and this has been achieved by the provision of these new homes\\\”. As well as raising funds for the habitat of international work, the store allows local families to purchase low-cost materials, while at the same time diverting tons of waste from the landfill.

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