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CS:GO : Parier et gagner des skins

9. You are responsible for all fees, taxes or other costs in connection with the purchase and delivery of your items from the charges, through their relationship with payment service providers or the duties and taxes by your local customs authorities or other regulatory authority. In addition, we may ask you to provide us with the following data of a personal nature, we are able to process. This software can register information such as the frequency of use of the application,the event that takes place in the application,the summarized data usage,the data of the productivity as well as the resource from which the application loaded. Third party services our services may be used, technologies of the persecution by the external providers of business services (for example Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics).. In addition to all the other, the use of cookies helps us to improve the website and your experience on our Service.

  1. We and our partners in the area of marketing and outsourcing related companies and the provider of analytical services that use technologies, such as files, cookies, web beacons, scripts, and tags.
  2. Such actions and pranks that may be kept by external providers of services; it is forbidden to such companies to use the personal data of the user for other purposes.
  3. 7.
  4. The technologies, the tracking-7.1.
  5. Cross-border data transfer We may transfer the information collected from you to our affiliates or to third parties outside of your country of residence or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions worldwide We connect you with the information that the analytical software, the personal data that you provide through the mobile application.

We can use this information for the purposes of monitoring, development and analysis, if you make use of this Service.

Cookies are small data files that are stored on the hard disk with the help of the website. You are responsible for maintaining the password that you use to access the Service and for the actions or actions under your password.. In addition, in the other services, you can see advertising for our services. We use cookies to see which areas and features of the Website are the most popular, in order to calculate the number of computers that access to the Website to improve your experience, to use the Service, and to store your preferences. Then, you will be able to withdraw the items she has won, immediately, regardless of its rarity, quality or price. For this reason, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. There is no method of data transmission over the Internet or electronic storage of data, your 100% protection. The use of the Service, you signify your acceptance of this privacy policy and you consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other types of use of your data, as in the current policy of confidentiality. 14.2. If you are the password in the Service you will be responsible for his security and his trust. It includes the change of information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection purposes. You can use this data for purposes of advertising announcements, which can be interesting for you. Requested information, typically contact information (e.g., name and shipping address) and demographic information (for example, post-index). 10.2

CS:GO : Parier et gagner des skins

CS:GO : Parier et gagner des skins

All of the links to such Websites does not imply support for these persons and the company or the fact that we have no relationship with them. Rejection from the receipt of marketing communications 18.1. If we know that we have collected information from children under the age of 18, we will promptly delete the affected data.

  1. The conditions between the G2A Pay-services providers and customers use the services of G2A to Pay are subject to separate agreements and are not subject to the terms and conditions of this website.
  2. This Directive shall not apply to the methods of data collection used by external advertisers, and we are not responsible for you.
  3. Participation in these activities, and pranks, is completely voluntary, which is why it is if you send us such information is not, or is to decide, up to you.
  4. 7.3.
  5. 8.
  6. 7.4.
  7. With respect to customer purchases via G2A Pay-services-provider of the Fund, (i) the privacy policies of G2A Pay-services provider shall apply for all payments and should be reviewed before the G2A Pay-services-provider reimbursement is considered a purchase, and (ii) for all payments, except if the communication is expressly permitted by the supplier to the buyer in advance.
  8. Benefits of mobile analytics We use software from mobile analytics allows us to understand the functionality of our mobile software on your device better.
  9. We are able to reflect on, advertising is not given, the third of which that are stored on your computer or other device files, \”cookies\”, which allows you to control the content and the advertising looked through them.
  10. You may refuse from the receipt of our advertising or marketing electronic messages.
  11. This will allow you to target your services according to the appropriate guidelines of confidentiality.
  12. We keep information in the full correspondence with the international and national legislation in the places of presence of the Service and provision of services..
  13. We recommend you to learn a corresponding policy of confidentiality, to know more about the rules of the use of files, cookies, and other technologies.
  14. The data of Russian users to be stored on servers located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  15. If your browser does not accept cookies or if you do not have access, your access to the functionality or the services may be limited.
  16. Web-beacon, you can create pages on our web to have information of the use of the platform and efficiently send e-mails.

Web beacons, also known as gifs, are electronic images that can be used on the Website or in our e-mails. In spite of the fact that we do everything depending on us in order to save the received information of the users of the service in the safe area, to which access is limited, we can not guarantee absolute security of the information in the course of its transmission over the Internet or stored in our systems. In addition, although we try to maintain the integrity and security of our networks and systems, we cannot guarantee that the security measures we use to prevent the intrusion of hackers to third parties for the purpose of obtaining the unlawful access to this information. As some external advertising campaigns to associate your computer or device with the number that you will identify to be able to, the your computer or device each time they send you advertising.

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