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ring with later shank (C. Not been rated yet my 18 birthday my neighbor gave me a ring and I touched it in a jewelry box for the last three years and it never. I have! a gold chain necklace, repaired, unfortunately, was or was shortened by someone in the past – they cut directly through one of the trademarks Could you tell me what the item is and what is the meaning of the indicator, where it is, and if it is, please. Not a rating, It looks like the L / Libbey-glass dishes, but I wonder what it means that inside a yellow-gold ring. It is a gold band, and the engraving inside is a SC-three crowns (one on top, two below). Hi, I’ve recently had a 9crt gold wedding ring band (375), but for some reason it says 376 aswell.. Any idea. I have a 18 c. I have a herringbone necklace stamped Italy 925, so I know it is sterling but is gold in color, so I assume it is gold plated silver. Just as the title says, I wonder if anyone has information on the 18K hallmark on a pocket watch I have. The ring is probably English, but could be French. I wear my grandmother’s wedding ring every day, but I just noticed, all of the marks and wondered what they mean.

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  • I’ve got a Golden brooch with a turquoise stone in the center and five gold pieces, dangling from the bottom.
  • I have recently acquired, 9ct gold wedding band, and I just want to find out a little more about its history, etc., The question: I have a Golden, ruby, and sapphire pin has stamped GW in a rounded rectangle on a tab in the back.
  • I have a small Victorian style cigar band gold ring, and the only mark is a star or asterisk next to the letter K.

I seem to be in my possession, what, a gold bar with the marking of FR in a circle in the upper right corner. 1820).

Gold chain is marked 750 for the carat, and the brand mark is a five point star on the left side with number 127A on the right side. I have an old ring, stamped with 585 and seemingly a dollar sign, or an ‘S’ with a line through it. Not rated yet I have a diamond and sapphire ring belonging to my deceased mother, who I assume is white gold.. I have a gold bros medallion dated 1910 with a K about the date, but not a trademark, when the trademark have to start over. recently my grandmother’s ring received belonged to her mother and I wonder where it is and how old it is I have been looking around for information about a carved wedding band, white gold, 14K, which I’ve had for several years.

  • Not rated yet I have.
  • I have a vintage pin with the following hallmark on a tab in the back: GW in a rounded rectangle with 14K including.
  • I bought a couple of pairs of earrings marked only with a very small circle with a small raised point in the middle.
  • I’m trying to figure out whether or not this ring, given to me by my great aunt, who is really from the colonial period.

Still not rating, I think this is Van Cleef and Arpel, but can not find a jeweler that mark, it would be VA, and the copyright would be the piece.

Antique Gold Hallmarks Question

The Collectors Sale 7th March 2018

Antique Gold Hallmarks Question

  • I got a Golden ring, has this hand written on the inside and was wondering if you could tell me, please, what you mean.
  • I have an antique Lorgnette in very good condition, but the indicator on the bottom of the bridge of the nose is very worn.
  • Trailer has the following markings on the back and on the side of the trouble.
  • Hello, I have gold antique ring with a ruby, and many of the specifications of the diamonds that surrounded it, in 9k.

Not rated yet I have half of a 14k white gold wedding set, the band, with three diamonds in the small, engraved stars. (5-point star, the number in 1529, and the initials AL.). Trademark, I have engraved a gold ring with an eagle in black with red speckle coat-of-arms, it has a crown, 18, cat face,a and a j. w trademark.. The images are not included. I’m doing a review on antique diamond bracelet, and these brands are at the bottom of the bracelet at the edge. Not rated yet Hello, I have a small Golden ring that was given to me, I have no idea where it came from and no idea what it is.

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