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Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars

could you try publishing a query on the place where a lot of fruit jar collectors discuss glasses to the GLASSES discussion forum there.

  1. And, Yes, I am guilty of always in the habit of calling them \\\”porcelain\\\” – Liner, only because the wording on many of the discs, even though technically, they are not made of porcelain (except, perhaps, for a few very early Liner, circa 1869).
  2. The \\\”BALL MASON jars are accepted in the rule, that between about 1895 and 1910.
  3. (By the way, for a bit of clarification, the vast majority of mouth-blown glasses and bottles of American bodies were, also, a glass factory, by skilled glass-makers) will be produced.
  4. Some BALL MASON jars have the \\\”third L\\\” loop (about 1900-1910), and the other not, which are assumed to be somewhat later, in the early to mid-1910s..
  5. David.
  6. ALL Ball Perfect Mason jars were machine-made by Ball at one of their several glass factories.
  7. Recently, I found some mason jars in an old barn, and after cleaning, they have no markings on the bottom, but a number 2 under perfect mason, and had the number 3.
  8. (Source: A Collector’s Guide to Ball jars by William F.

You are looking for signs of originality, look carefully under a bright light for tiny scratches on the sides, base wear (the network to the point of scratches and scrapes on the bottom, which are noticeable on almost all of the older glasses, which have been used over a long period of time). Your experience (with the old glasses as a more stable and less prone to breakage) to give an indication of why so many of the older Ball Perfect Mason jars still there. There are many minor variations of Ball jars, sometimes found in different shades of true green (not aqua). Many of them are still around, boxes of them were found, after long storage in pantries, cabinets, storage, etc., in the \\\”never used\\\” condition.

Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars

Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars

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The glass has several large bubbles and the font is very weak(it does not protrude as far from the glass as others. Most of the questions I get have already been answered somewhere on this page or answers can search with a internet. However, you could try post your query on the site, where there is a special category for the discussion of antique fruit jars. In General, mould-numbers of no significance for the value of a certain 1858 jar, although some of the Hemingray 1858-type glasses can be identified by their unique \\\”look\\\” of the mold, very, very large and decorative on the base. The wax sealer jars have a \\\”ribbed ring around the top of the glass instead of threading to accommodate a metal screw-on lid. There are different base shapes found so far, and some of them start with an \\\”H\\\” followed by three numbers. As far as values, you can try to search ebay over a period of time, and the determination of the ACTUAL COMPLETED AUCTION ENDS the PRICES, not the sellers’ \\\”offer prices\\\”, \\\”minimum-bids\\\” or \\\”Buy it now-prices\\\”. I edit to help my text short, reduce confusion about the exact wording on those, the later colored glasses. They are found in large quantities in almost every antique shop or flea market, especially in the Midwest and Eastern States. The only info I found was a comment from someone who said he thinks they were built between 1885 and 1900. The sum of these, there are still a lot of uncertainties with the many BALL-fruit-glass-to-find varieties, and I’m certainly no expert on these glasses!! David.. No other markings. When I first most of the texts wrote for this site, the only \\\”heritage\\\” glasses in the production were the aqua-blue \\\”Ball Perfect Mason jars, issued in 2013, for the year 1913 on the 100th anniversary of the Ball Perfect Mason. I keep to collect, to admire, to use them for the storage of dry goods and I use the smooth lip mason give for canning. Many common food-glasses (originally for mayonnaise, etc.) fall into this category, and these types of glass are often called the \\\”packers\\\” in the glass industry, and by many glass companies. David. I’m using an older version of the accompanying \\\”Redbook\\\” price-guide, so that I may not be up-to-date information about the values

Vintage Antique Mason Jars Guide

Keep in mind the Ball more than a factory, manufacture of fruit jars, and there are many slightly different variants of the BALL MASON jars. Of course, the value is a very subjective thing, and many collectors may not agree with my opinion on this topic. Please take a look at the chart shows a change of the logo, courtesy of the Minnetrista website: Hope this helps, David. I have absolutely no connection with the current distributors in each fruit, glasses, including as a \\\”BALL\\\” or other brand names. The older types of BPM, which were made from the 1910s-1930s in aqua, or blue, in the hundreds of millions that are valid over many years, so as very common. The prices can be very unpredictable, unpredictable, and a specific jar-maybe you can sell it higher than the other, for no apparent reason. For current values, check ebay auctions over a period of time to a \\\”feel\\\” for how much they sell for.. Because there are no numbers or any other kind of coinage, I was hoping you could help me determine the age of the

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