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Membership The Vespa Club of Britain

Membership The Vespa Club of Britain

A small apartment of about 30 sqm is located on the top floor of an old building, on one of the old town is the main walkways. The land measures 613sqm and is laid out in terraces, the longer a vegetable and fruit garden, with many kinds of fruit.

  • It has a water-supply, large terraces, and thus it is perfect for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, for someone who has a house in the vicinity.
  • The location is excellent, and the access is very easy, the garage measures 18 sqm, not including storage space.
  • On the edge of the property, there is a two-storey rustico, which are not currently used on a roof, part of which belongs to this property and is shed as a device.
  • In fact, it is a small workshop, an artist or artisan, the rooms are high, dry, and not wet..
  • It is not large enough to build on, but it is the volume of 48mc, equal to 16sqm, that could be used for another piece of land in a radius of 500sqm and has the necessary requirements for the building.

Inside, it is in stone, it has a beautiful vaulted ceiling and it can be used not only as a cellar or shed, but also as a garage for motorcycles.

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The current layout is with a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor. Beautiful olive grove of about three long, wide terraces, South facing the water and a beautiful view of the sea.. Space is located under the main, the room of approximately 12sqm can also be achieved with small vehicles like three-Wheeler delivery vans, and also motorcycles. It has the right, one of the two toolsheds is located on the grounds, around 10sqm and is very useful for the storage of agricultural equipment. The property has a small 12sqm rustico in stone on a stick that can be used as a tool shed or the kitchen, if you want the whole day in the country. It consists of a very high-ceiling room that could be built in a mezzanine, a Laundry room area that was once a toilet, now needs some maintenance and a storage room. Currently it is used as a basement and can be converted into a small workshop, in that it is very close to the road. Two floors and a basement with a vaulted room on the ground floor and a room on the first floor with a new roof. Is located in the vicinity of the city, just a few meters from a dirt road, this land 626 sqm with a water connection and a water tank. It is located about 4 kilometres from the centre of the city, in an area where other houses, but it is very quiet

Membership The Vespa Club of Britain

Membership The Vespa Club of Britain

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Membership The Vespa Club of Britain

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Classic Bike News – October 2017

The plot is terraced gently to Terra, would allow for an ideal location, and an index, the construction of 222 cubic meters, equivalent to approximately 84sqm. It could also be used as a small workshop for a craftsman or artist in search of a quiet place to work.. If you wanted to also have an olive grove, it would be possible to the action of the ajoining Ref 1050, which can be displayed on this page. It includes two terrace with young fruit trees, the well maintained circumcised a few years old and well, already fruit. It is divided into an apartment of about 35 sqm on two floors, it is located behind the town hall of Ceriana, 30m from the main road and the bus stop and close to all the shops and amenities in the village. It can be achieved with small vehicles by crossing the medieval bridge of Santa Lucia, in the direction of Taggia. One can ask the permission for the construction of a 30 square meters large house, but the road makes it quite difficult for the transport of construction materials. The storage room has no moisture, and could also be used to store bicycles or a moped, as well as wood or pellets. on a suitable plot of land within a radius of 500 meters The plot measures has 2.718 sqm, it is South-West facing, row house and can be reached with a small car via economy way. The plot measures 7,985 square meters and was once used for the cultivation of olives, although it was abandoned for some years and needs to clean up. However, it has a building rate of 72.74 cubic meters, which will be transferred. The Hotel is located in the centre of the city and precisely along Via Palazzo and in this large cellar of about 15sqm with a high vaulted ceiling can be achieved with a three-Wheeler delivery vans. It is a route in the vicinity of the Madonna della Villa sanctuary in Ceriana, the plant on the main road, with secure Parking and easy access to the bus. This is an old house, not far from the main square and in a very old part of the village, with foundations Dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. It is a small house on two floors measuring 24sqm, consisting of a room with a vaulted ceiling on the ground floor and a room on the floor above

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