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9 \\\”D. The back shows the Donald Duck family, while the fold-out shows in addition to duck, Mickey mouse, Dumbo, and a Little pig’s chimney sweep. G. R. This design, snow white and the 7 dwarfs, which was released under three ref.. In the 1980s, appeared on the market, also in uncut sheet and was then completed back with the sheet. Peschel, pg. Printed before WW2. According to the information in the book \\\”Advent, Advent, Advent\\\” this calendar was published by Joseph Lang, Munich, in the 1960s. Identical graphics, with the exception of the German text in the banner and text in the banner of the house \\\”to 12\\\”. M.\\\” which means \\\”German Empire utility model\\\” (German Reich usage pattern). Under the door is not. The cover, text in German and English, list of fairy tale in English only; could be used for the two languages, and the Sellmer logo. 2\\\” and on the right, \\\”1452 LP 26\\\” (district of Pirna printing 26, ref. Links below \\printed\”Erika No. Below is a banner, reading “Wake up, wake up, little fairy folk, to come out from your hiding place. One of the first methods was to make a chalk-mark on a door for every day in December until Christmas eve. 152)

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Glass Ornaments from Old World

Glass Ornaments from Old World


The season of advent consists of four weeks and always has 4 Sundays, while the total number of week days from 22 to 27. Below right is the publisher logo, and the illustrator of a signature from \\\”Nora Scholly\\\” (born April 11, 1905 in Pressburg, now Batislava called in Slovakia, and died 21. According to Korsch Verlag, this edition was printed for the Raifeisen Bank in 1976 and also in 1983. Another relates to the \\\”advent calendar-tree\\\” that has its origin around the middle of the 19-th century; at the beginning of the season of Advent is a coniferous tree in the house and every day, a prophecy from the Old Testament would be recited before the candle, along with a paper star on which the recited text was written. 2 was opened, and so on, until on Christmas day, there was no door. December, the number 1 door was the door opened to show, in this case, the biblical text; the next day none. Of course, everyone can write, and when the calendar arrived, I had my doubts, even though they yellowed the paper on the back. It has been known for their colored illustrations, which also deals with very beautiful Christmas motives.. In the lower-left edge \\\”Printed in Western Germany\” and on the right-hand side \\\”678\\\”, presumably the editor of the reference series. 1 it is the intent to read was the first story, from December 1, in the book, the last story is in the December 25. I thought that was a wonderful ritual for the children in preparation for Christmas. He explained that there were 25 doors and 1. 25. In 1992, a new version has been published, ref. The doors, numbered from 1 to 24, signed lower right by the artist Hinderks-Kutscher (1908-1986), Rotraut. October 1965, in Bad Ischl, Austria), hardly visible, since the colors faded. December, Christmas eve. 10382 and not with the lettering \\\”Nicholas\\\” on the door of the tabernacle, published up to 1995. It is a Church that fit out of cardboard pieces, all designed in the same way, in the attached box. But two others have come to light, and also with the glitter and in the same places, making the application of the glitter original (thank you Carolyn for sharing this information with us; John Strieb has also acquired, in the 1950s, also with glitter). Every day, from the 6. In December, a page was glued into the album ends with the 24. It is the clouds, with children and angels and Santa Claus on a cloud at the top right, which leads all over a city, a ladder to the Christmas Land. Together with the book, an advent calendar was printed and when you open the door

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3242 45 R. Dimensions: 25 x 31cm. I like these books; they relate how Christmas was celebrated, at the time, what was available, etc..

  1. M.\\\”.
  2. Update April 2016: This is confirmed by a quote on the internet, ZVAB, only the title page, without the back of this calendar.
  3. No.
  4. Leipzig, printed in the right corner,, I take it to the ref.No., \\\”1183\\\”.
  5. m.
  6. 1182.
  7. Design by the illustrator Toni Wagner-Schilffarth; published by Dr.
  8. Made in Denmark No.
  9. 203, according to data from November 2004-January 2005 exhibition in the Museum Voswinckelshof, Dinslaken in Germany.
  10. From the year 1957 and was sold under the ref.
  11. Behind the doors 6 thru 23 images of the fairy tale little red riding hood, while behind the door 24, the Nativity scene with the Holy Three kings, some of which are shown in the figure on the right side.

2). P. Advent calendar A19, is by the same illustrator and publisher, and the ref.No. The wheel has been broken several rows of images and a series of numbers sothat when the numbers appear in the tower window, the images in the packages to their doors, and in the lean-to on a roof in the picture on the easel. Advent calendar door are on the roof, numbered from 1 to 24, with biblical scenes (I think) behind them. The calendar is with the publisher references: “Copyright L. b. H. Levison, Jr., Ltd. Trenkler-Verlag G.

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