How much more depends on your negotiating skills, but it should be Rs at the most. Dalhousie Square (B.

  1. The biggest festival for Hindus in Bengal and Eastern India, Kolkata takes on an almost carnival-like atmosphere.
  2. B.
  3. 315 (approx.

10-20 above on the taxi-meter. While the basic features of Kedleston original has been copied faithfully (the Palladian Front, the Dome etc.), The Government House is a much larger, three storied structure. April 30, 2017, it will cost Rs. USD 5) for a non-AC taxi from the airport to Chowringhee (heart of city-center). This is a hitch hike style of the service and the fare depends on the mutual oral agreement between the driver and the passengers. With a taxi in Kolkata can be quirky and to draw the irritant because of the blatant distortions, haggle for more money, unforeseen tricks, more money from the passengers bag. D Bagh) is home to the heritage-protected building, Raj Bhavan (the Governor house), Bidhan Sabha (State Assembly Building), Kolkata Municipal Corporation Building, St John’s Church (Oldest in Kolkata), Black Hole-a monument to the Jewish synagogues are located here. A still-newer CBD is currently in the best location (Newtown) area, lying between Salt Lake and the airport..

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  1. Accidents are rare, but beware of the gap between the bridge and the boat in the event of a hurry.The rates are dirt cheap only Rs 5 or so.
  2. The taxi driver will get his payment by submitting or the production of this other part to the prepaid Taxi counter..
  3. It is about a 45 minutes drive from the airport.The Hotel is located 8 km away.
  4. from the Howrah railway station and 1 km.
  5. from Netaji Subhash airport, 3 km.

Makes for an interesting evening, accompanied by the incessant Bengali chatter, so characteristic of Calcutta. However, not to draw as the dealer will want to obvious, unnecessary attention to their activities, they are usually not persistent and only rarely a threat. Note that several agencies in this area also the tickets for these buses, but at very inflated prices to sell. The Sealdah station, one of the largest train hubs in India, and the newly built Kolkata station is located here. With the formation of the New city at a Prime location and the extension of Salt Lake Sector-V, Kolkata is rapidly turning into a pro-IT town. The agents of the government are known for many years to short-change all of the prepaid-taxi-customers are Not price are rounded in all rates – view the bill and pay the exact fare. Luxury hotels, a conference centre, specialist hospitals, condominium complexes, shopping malls and Multiplex cinemas are coming at a rapid pace.

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  1. WBSTSC and BRTC both buses depart from Kolkata every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:30 and 8:30 A.M.
  2. During the British colonial period from 1700-1912, when Calcutta was the capital of British India, it witnessed a spate of frenzied construction activity of buildings largely influenced by the conscious intermingling of Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Oriental and Islamic schools of design.
  3. and 7:30 PM..
  4. Some of the most important buildings of this period are well maintained and several buildings have been declared as heritage structures.
  5. It might be a good idea to buy a mobile phone and you use one of those prepaid plans to get yourself connected while you are in the city.
  6. Calcutta, the centre of Indian art and literature, and the national movement for independence got its start here.
  7. Several banks have their corporate (Allahabad Bank, United Bank of India, UCO Bank) or regional headquarters (Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Bank of India, Central Bank of India amongst many others) around the B.
  8. Nizam’s, in New market, is credited with the invention of the famous Kati Kebab roll and still serves up the best of the best.
  9. The building of structures, is a beautiful fusion of Victorian and Bengali architecture give an impression of the Royal people who have stayed there.
  10. As of 2017, however, the numbers waned seem strong, but they can be found in scores in the Burra Bazar area.
  11. In contrast to other metro-cities in India, there is no 50%-100% surcharge for late night hires (10PM-11PM onwards).
  12. Bagh.
  13. The origins of the German Consulate in Calcutta traced to before the existence of Germany itself, to the establishment of the Consulate of the Kingdom of Hanover in 1851 and the Consulate of Prussia in 1854.
  14. Writers ‘ Building (Mahakaran) used to serve as the West Bengal State Secretariat, until 2014(under renovation as of now).

Apart from these buses, many private or government buses drop you off a kilometer from the airport on the Airport-Barasat road junction. While manufacturing still remains the main pillar of the economy, the service sector is fast becoming one of the most important contributors to Kolkata’s economy. D. Try cheap Chaat on the street at the Park’s Circus, there is a stall near the fruit and vegetable stands. Many of Kolkata’s older business groups have their main seat here. and 12:30 PM, while the capital city of Dhaka they leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 p.m.

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