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In the last book, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer are shocked to learn of the existence of Alison’s twin, Courtney, when she presented at a press conference. Spencer finds out that Mona \\\” A \\\” and \\\” try, Mona, to get rid of Spencer before you tell someone else.. Later on, in all the books, all of them, find out that Alison’s twin sister Courtney was in the barn that night, and not Alison. Hanna is the blonde.Her best friend, Mona and Alison had killed a twin named Courtney but Alison and everyone thinks she’s Courtney now but it’s really Alison.understand? This is in the book in the show Hanna’s the blonde and used to Hefty Hanna to be called, because you used to be fat. The thing that makes you worry about the e-mail or text received, A sends them things would only know Alison. If you want to, dress like your check-out it is the site where you will find clothes, the people-to-o tv and you can find cheaper alternatives. Spencer’s father stated that, although he and her mother are also killed, again, together, to change things for the better, in your family, and Spencer and Melissa’s closer to almost. He was Spencer’s friend, a cop, and at one point she was A. On the way there, Spencer a desperate call from her mother tells her that Melissa is gone. Yes. She reveals later that she is actually Ali; that the real Courtney had did her in the night of Ali’s disappearance, and she was the one who was killed. Why do you smile Like you have told a secret, you’re a liar ‘ cause you’re the one to keep it, But no one keeps a secret no one, a secret keeps, Why, when we Do our darkest deeds, we tell. As the series progresses, she becomes less interested in is popular, and finally reunited with her former best friends. She is in her act for years, also in TV series like How I Met your Mother, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide\\\” and the \\\” Wizards of Waverly Place. Toby is jennas steped brother.Emily and Toby go to a dance.jenna is the one who is blind, Toby, Spencer’s boyfriend. After learning that her ex-husband shipped Hanna off to a mental institution, Hanna’s mother transfers back to Rosewood and kicks Hanna’s father, Isabel and Kate out of the house, thrilling Hanna. No, their parents never knew, but I don’t know what happened in the show because it is different than the series

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He was briefly a part of the national team, for which he has been to protect Spencer and Toby is the older step brother of Jenna, and he is the friend ofSpencer. All of the four girls, not the best of friends start to receive text with no return address, but the only indication of who it was sent, after each text -A. She was also in the garage, if Alisonwas convinced that Toby was spying on Emily, Spencer, Hanna,Alison and Aria. You about the laptop, Mike loses his grip or lets go, and Aria’s mother jams your wrist to either the wall corner or on the Desk (not sure how it happened so fast). Previously chubby, Hanna became slimmer disappear after Alison’s, and has stolen in the past for attention from her absent father. No, billy is not-A, If you want to find out who -A is, read more Alison Dilaurentus has a twin Courtney Dilaurentus who has mental problems and is being held captive on the prison and when they come home for a weekend, you tricks alison in exchange with life, because they are identical.. Jenna doesn’t do anything, she’s really something in the book, but I don’t know why shes acting that way in the show, I hope this is true, but someone told me on the night of the fire, Toby raped jenna. The images were on Lucas loptop, where pictures of his betting site, where he is on a game with Caleb’s money. She went to Pennsylvania to aschool for the blind, and Toby was arrested for spying on people.Jenna is now blind, and Toby came back. Well, in the book series, from the fourth or third book, Aria and Ezra were over, since Sean Ackard (long story) called the cops on him, after his students (Aria) was in his apartment and he moved faaar away

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  1. Swear that you’ll save, Better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you’re going to tell what I said cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead.
  2. Ali is trapped in the house, and it is assumed that she died in the fire, although her body is never found.
  3. Well, since Noel knew Kahn about it and was going to tell the headmistress, ‘A’ made it look like Noel stole the answers off all his tests so that the client trust in what he says.
  4. Allison has a twin named Courtney and her twin has mental problems and sometimes shes Allison thinks.
  5. Dead.

Swear that you’ll save, Better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you’re going to tell what I said cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead. At the end of Pretty Little Liars, it turns out that Ali had a twin sister named Courtney, who was all the thinking for the fools that you are, Ali.. (chorus x 3) Yes two can keep a secret, If one of us is. Technically, the new A is Ali, but the girl you were friend was with Courtney, and she was gone, like Ali. Spencer angry at Alison and finnaly you joined your family in the barn, Wild and crazy, Allison on the left.

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