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Duke Energy Field Services near Palestine, Texas on US Highway 79. Before the discovery of the East Texas oil field, cotton, timber and livestock are the predominant source of economic gains and stability. The company operates facilities, including refineries and oil wells throughout the region. Before the Texan war of independence, colonization in General, was prohibited by the Spanish and later Mexican governments, but neither government was able to exert control or law enforcement in the area. This assimilation pattern often believe historically included conversion from Catholicism to Protestant. On the way North from the coast, Lufkin and Nacogdoches anchor the population in the middle of the Deep East Texas. These influences are noticeable in the sub-dialect of Texan English that is spoken in the region as a whole. The upper two-thirds of the region dominated by temperate forest known as the Piney Woods, over 23,500 square miles (61,000 km 2 ). East Texans enjoy a range of music is influenced by gospel, bluegrass, blues, rock, country, soul, rhthym and blues, Cajun, etc.. Other high school sports are very popular in East Texas, including basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball and track. Commitment to restoring dignity and meaning to the lives of victims and promoting public compassion and awareness to the violence in our community. East Texans enjoy live music in many of the region’s fairs and festivals, including the Texas Rose Festival in Tyler, the East Texas Yamboree in Gilmer, and Longview’s Great Texas Balloon Race. In contrast to Texas’ total state racial demographics, only two counties in East Texas a majority-minority, Jefferson County in the Golden triangle, and in Titus County with a 40.6% Hispanic or Latino origin of the population. This includes Interstate 30 (from Dallas through Texarkana), Interstate 20 (Dallas and Fort by Shreveport), Interstate 10 (Houston and Beaumont in Louisiana), Interstate 45 (Houston to Dallas) and U.S. Highway 59 (Houston and Texarkana; in the process of being updated, along most of the route is on the Interstate 69 ). Other religions with smaller numbers, but with adherents in East Texas, include Mormonism and Judaism. During the 20th century, local grocery stores, Department stores and Cafés by franchise Department stores, retail chains and fast food restaurants

Catholicism continued to influence, in particular, with an increased Hispanic population in the last decades. According to the Deep East Texas Council of governments in the region consists of the following twelve counties: Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity, and Tyler. Due to the proximity to the neighbouring countries in East Texas, a significant number of fans of the LSU Tigers, Arkansas Razorbacks, Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Oklahoma Sooners. Adrian Peterson, star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, played high school football in Palestine.. The Texas blues originated in East Texas, have a lot of legends were born in the region, including Lightnin’ Hopkins and T-Bone Walker East Texans have sporting a long tradition in the nature and watch the opening day of the deer season as a near religious holiday. The cardinals of Lamar University in Beaumont also compete with SFA and Sam Houston State in the Southland Conference. United States settlers of the Protestant Southeast practiced some discrimination against Cajun and Creole migrants a cultural attitude that remained until recently. Red counties show the core of East Texas, the inclusion of pink and red counties varies from source to source and, thus, may or may not be included in East Texas. Many East Texas high school teams, Texas state championships and produced have won the collegiate and professional football player

The predominant cultural influence comes from customs and traditions handed down from European-American and African-American South, the region during the middle and late 19th century. Prominent rodeos in East Texas instead of in Beaumont, San Jose, Paris, Longview, Gladewater, Huntsville, Lufkin, Athens, Palestine, the following points of interest: Lindale, etc.

  • In East Texas the most ethnically and racially diverse county, Jefferson County, East Texas’ largest County, the Beaumont city, do Not Know 44.1% Hispanic, 34.1% African-American, 17.7% Hispanic or Latino origin, and 4.1% Other (including native and Asian).
  • Many East Texans, including those of the roots excluding Louisiana, which are known to experts in the preparation of at least some of the well-known Louisiana dishes.
  • Despite the tendency towards assimilation, Cajun and Creole cuisine (for example, \\\”jambalaya\\\”, and catfish gumbo ), are popular in the region..
  • In East Texas and Southeast Texas has a significant African-American population, ranging up to almost 20% in some counties.
  • Continuing North from Deep East Texas, Tyler, Longview and Marshall, in northeast Texas, along with Texarkana, in the far North-Eastern border with Arkansas, the most densely populated areas in the Northern part of East Texas.

East Texas is also home to the Kilgore College Rangerettes, a world-famous dance team made its debut in the year 1939.

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