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The Berlin wall (painted on the Western side) was a barrier that divided the city from 1961 to 1989.

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  3. in Prussia.
  4. It is the only observation tower standing on insulators and has a restaurant 55 m (180 ft) and an observation deck 126 m (413 ft) above the floor, which is Elevator accessible through a window.
  5. With a capacity of 1,895 and a stage of 2,854 square meters (30,720 square meters), the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin Mitte, the largest show Palace in Europe.
  6. Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Serbo-listen to Croatian in the Western part due to the large Middle East and the former Yugoslav communities.
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  8. A private museum venture provides a comprehensive documentation with detailed plans and strategies devised by people who tried to flee from the East.
  9. This is the reason why most of the towns and villages in the North-East of Germany, the Slavic-derived names ( Germania Slavica ).
  10. The Central parts of the city is the home of numerous Clubs, including Watergate, Tresor, E-Werk, and Berghain.
  11. In 1701, the dual-state of the Kingdom was Prussia, as Frederick III, elector of Brandenburg, crowned himself king Friedrich I.

Charlottenburg, which was burnt in the Second world war, the castle, the largest historical Palace in Berlin. It is a West-Germanic language, which most of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family.. The city is also the home of the German Film Academy (Deutsche film Akademie), founded in the year 2003, and the European Film Academy, founded in the year 1988. Typical names is a Form of suffixes of Slavic origin are,- ow, -itz, -vitz, -witz, -itzsch-and in-prefixes are Windisch and wendish.

The expanded Deutsches Historisches Museum re-opened in the Zeughaus with an overview of German history over more than a Millennium. Although it was possible for Westerners, pass to the other side through strictly controlled checkpoints, for most Easterners travel to West Berlin or West Germany was forbidden by the government of East Germany. In October 2013, the 2. During the Weimar period, Berlin political unrest experienced due to the economic uncertainties, but also to a well-known centre of the Roaring Twenties. monthly ESR party series at Frannz Club Berlin will continue after the summer break.. Regional train lines of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg offer access to the surrounding regions of Brandenburg and to the Baltic sea. In the 1990s, the immigrants laws immigration is activated to Germany of some residents from the former Soviet Union. In Spandau, a district in the West of Berlin, the Spree flows into the Havel river flows from North to South through Western Berlin. The victorious powers of the city divided into four sectors, analogous to the occupation zones into which Germany was divided

Берлинско-Германская епархия - Официальный сайт

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Берлинско-Германская епархия - Официальный сайт

Берлинско-Германская епархия - Официальный сайт

Frequent official visits, and diplomatic consultations between the representatives of state and national leaders are frequently in contemporary Berlin. The largest groups of visitors from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the United States.. Since 2015, the highest elevation in Berlin you will find on the Arkenberge hill in Pankow, in 122 m (400 feet). In front of him, the fountain of Neptune, a fountain with mythological group of tritons, personifications of the four main Prussian rivers and Neptune on top. Berlin – built-up area of a micro-climate with the heat generated and stored by the city, the building and the sidewalk. Hedwig’s Cathedral, Berlin’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. The present Berlin consists of 96 subdistricts, which are often made up of several smaller residential areas or neighborhoods. St. The World Health Summit and several international health related conventions are held annually in Berlin. Governing mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery, Department for Protocol and International relations. A large crypt houses the remains of some of the earlier Prussian Royal family. West Berlin officially an occupied city remained, but politically was aligned with the Federal Republic of Germany, even though West Berlin’s geographic isolation

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