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Falling in Love with a Married Man

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I am madly in love with him, and I don’t know what to do I can’t quit my job ( a small town hard to find work) please help. Even a friend of mine had told me that he is not the man for me, and I was not let go of everything. And that’s because we developed an immediate friendship, a confidence to another and now, we find that, when we mounted still in love with each other, we are, in any case. When he again returned to London, he told me that he was married, which broke my heart, as he said, never once during our entire relationship. I know he will never leave his wife, but there is just something about him that makes me crazy and I don’t think I can leave him. Well two years into my relationship he found a girlfriend and I threw basically the towel on my relationship, because it bothers me so. He dotes on me a lot, we r in commmunication almost every time, even if I don’t communicate, he makes sure that he does, and reminds me of dt a relationship is two ways not one way, so that we need to communicate.. Gut feeling told me that he’s either not enough sex with his wife or another woman while he was still having the affair with me

Now I’m struggling to fall in love with a single man, my big concern is that in my new relationship, this love will not end. We looked at each other and hada couple of short conversations (his wife was around) and after a few weeks, he has approached me with his phone number and we have been seeing each other for a month now I think he feels the same way about me, but I also think it scares him, and I noticed to screw him back a little.

  • And the last time I saw him, there was a note on a forbidden date, that filled me with desire and arousal to get to love him anyway, but WAIT — mistress..
  • He is an abused man, I think really loves, cheats on his wife constantly with him to a point, where he doubts your 3.
  • Child from him.
  • His wife is not around most of the time, because you are too busy to hang out with her friends and sisters.
  • I know he’s not perfect, but our chemistry is so strong, and I feel like a terrible person, I’m wracked with guilt, but I didn’t love him for almost ten years, I don’t even think I can imagine that he’s with someone else.
  • I worry for his wife’s feelings, so I try to break it a couple of times, but he always comes back to me.
  • I am lost without him and don’t want to know, my life with him, a part of me is missing want to let go but my love is not a faucet I can’t just disable it.

No one knows who I am. I thought we are in the midst of flirting with each other, which would eventually lead us to more intimacy. I just knew that he was married when I was 5 months pregnant, there was nothing I could do in this moment but the children are now 7 months old. (My name was mentioned in the interrogation of suspects, but so were many others. We spent every day, for 18 months, he was my best friend and loved and trusted and gave me the feeling that I was the most beautiful woman in the world. So girls,be vigilant.Men r always difficult.u give up ur life for nothing.Be brave to face everything as I did, if u really loves a married man. I don’t even care if he leaves his wife, I love the moments I have with him so much, that I only fear one day he will want to stop it all and I don’t want to know what to do with myself.

Falling in Love with a Married Man

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Thanks be to God. My readers are in the discussion, how difficult, painful and destructive it is to keep you hanging on an affair with a married man.

  1. I tried to break it off with him several times before he finds a way back, and my depression is at its best weapon, Which I needed and an open future.
  2. You can truly and deeply happy, and you will find a healthy relationship, if you learn how to take care of your mental and spiritual health.
  3. He has 2 children and his wife, he tells me that him an his wife are separated and you do not sleep in the same bed.
  4. A lot of things said to be comfortable about such a situation but a family, children and, above all, a couple can only be happy if you are married, for the right reasons, always, and always is LOVE.
  5. My husband suspects nothing.
  6. I asked him if he ever leave his wife, and he said \\\”no\\\” and he is, of course, still sleeps with her.
  7. He came to me and asked me to marry him, he stayed for Christmas, and he met all my family and friends..
  8. I had an ex that cheated on me with my best friend and I knew the pain; I never wanted to have children, and someone else.
  9. But he is so worried about my seemingly causeless depression, to kill the guilt of what I’ve done is me.

I don’t want to let him go, if he needs to get his life together before he can committ to anything.

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