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EHarmony is a very bigoted Website, if you are gay, you don’t want to acknowledge that you live in, I think this is totally disgusting and old school so bad that they belong in the biblical days. They all have persuasive advertising and clever marketing, which includes fake female profiles, so guys, don’t find out, that for any real woman, the logs, there are 12 boys. The most I got so far someone answer to my multiple choice questions during the first week and after that no communication. We use each person, the answers to our relationship questionnaire to predict the mating of individuals that are very likely in the fulfillment of long-term relationships, based on what we learned through our research. The willingness shown, corresponds to the much-vaunted matching algorithm, the live miles in a thousand, or have absolutely nothing in common with them.. A man, of those who initiated contact with me, went through the stages with me, and we went on a few dates, because I found his profile cool and his pics are also good. The people did not believe in magic, you don’t lie, think bad thoughts, have inflated Egos, people hate, etc. Mind you, I’m gay, I’m straight, that is one thing that I had to match up to eHarmony in a very stereo-typical design of your Website. I email back, ask for the reason why my account was closed and e harmony answered, saying to me \\\”As a practice, we do not elaborate on the specific reasons why an account was closed\\\” and you also told me that the subscription fee of 76.40 pounds, which has been carried out, will not be refunded to my account. This is true active, open, match, I have to wait on my multiple-choice questions, and I’m patiently waiting for your answer. I only Express my disappointment to a member, because I really discussed the payment for 3 months of this year, and I have wrongly chosen to pay for 12 months. Screwy harmony screw the Judeo-Christian bull shit, and you represent and the screw, with your bigoted point of view of not having to bring people together, the lesbian or the gay eHarmony, you worthless bigots. you sent me that fits, that, if the reading of the information seem like a nice person, but we don’t have anything in common. More than half (and I’m probably these) games are underestimated inactive accounts of people who realized that they need to pay, to say \\\”ohaider, plz respond day to block senpai\\\” to someone who has led me, over half my games each. Why pay you get from the nose is put, the on eHarmony?) The last thing that makes me angry is that I am a high school graduate transition in my career, job, and I have games that work at McDonald’s

I’m older than you, I think, recently, a ton of lost weight, my skin just hangs on me, and can’t hold a job. But it is not in order, you do not really know that this person an answer, and in one or two days, because every day you get a new batch of matches hand-picked by these computer gods, like people who match you on 29 levels of compatibility.. I’m an above average looking guy, and not cocky by any means, but some of the girls that are on this site just not at all what I was looking for. I’ve tried it before and the only guy I spoke to, believed in 3 months ago, that two people can love each other, even if they arent a match, there is not \\\”a\\\” or anything in the vicinity.

  1. I messaged the guys in my \\\”League\\\”, so to speak, and some who probably think of themselves as super good-looking.
  2. I just got my ehaarmony account cancelled, apparently, since I don’t have a chiseled chin,a flat stomach and bulging muscles eharmony was not for me.
  3. What you are trying to do is to match subscribers and non-subscribers (or, better still, non-subscribers and non-subscribers) – and then you get a new subscription fees.
  4. I don’t know to which question I answered \\\”wrong\\\”, but all my games variations seem to be about the same basic guy.
  5. What a waste! I’m pretty sure, sent that out of the hundreds of hits me, only three had half a brain and a bit of an interesting personality.

First off, I think the \\\”29 dimensions of compatibility’ is meant to be a bunch of BS to entice people to sign up.


I would get TONS of messages a day and weeding through them, the feeling is exhausting, as I should provide you with a chance to all a, since you can’t really tell a person about a profile. But the new games always come in 7 a day, and you send over your stage one questions, and you keep waiting for you to respond.

  1. And Yes, people have taken on here, but as a sales professional, I can say, it is still just a numbers game, and if you don’t have to worry about paying for those, the 500 possible interactions, for the 1 you can get, go back to the real world.
  2. They are probably closed and you could not know.
  3. I WISH they had me closed, so at least I know they were not interested, they would be removed from my list..
  4. I think I will have to find another way to waste money on girls, not so with me, – per month.
  5. ugg.
  6. it is terrible.

All who read this, please think about the eHarmony model, before you throw away your hard earned money. Usually drunk not detour me from a commitment would talk, but there were a lot of nice txts and even a nice phone call (sober) in the last week. Wrong. I met the woman I’m dating now at Whole Foods and she is absolutely gorgeous, a real, fun personality.

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