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Master prestige hacker douchebags, why u would not patch. Boys team kill players with score streaks, and stand in the way of care packages, and I get a death. Can you tell me the reason why the new maps of black ops II-expansion-pack-not available in the \\\”free for all\\\” mode. It would not let me play online again, any games or mess with my emblems, so I played off-line, for I have been set a little than back on all my stats back. This weapon should not be nerfed, it is a 50 cal sniper, if you wanted to hitmarkers the game even feel half real, you would get people, if you shoot them in the belly. 4. Even though Call of Duty fans may not believe it, Treyarch has also developed, Spiderman, hockey, surfing, and baseball games as well. I really want to go back with my friends and not make this Easter egg but I think it’s worth 60 dollars. I was also able to buy an idea for a high school with the cafateria vending machine with the perk drinks from them. A few examples of the CN-44, The man-O-war, The M8A7, Shieva, The KRM, The 205 Brecci, The BRM, The P-06 and L-CAR9.. I for the paper effects rustling.:0) Daiden Rivera brought 3 months ago, Just the game.I have heard that it is buggy,who knows if it still is. I’m in the game to play with people with modded controllers and spawn campers and this is the best thing you can come up with. I will never buy another black ops game ever again, unless something is done, it could seem only, like, 50 dollars, but I can’t even download something with my live profile so that I can I wanted to 50 dollars and couldnt get a map pack if and I know that u don’t care cuz u guys to millions of buyers and u guys are now ordered to be thieves, but u guys get away with it. It is on black ops 2 zombies, and if they cannot be eliminated, to a lower and simpler level, when a master and blue eyes and just skull have to thro that much trouble. The ban, reported I many people for the prestige hack and Booster, which happens quite gay as hell, and nothing to you, why u would put in a reporting system, if nothing happens to them? 5. How about the billions who are you, and some dedicated servers and get rid of this awful host-system Basis. I know a lot of people that try the game with only 2 people, but cant get it to count on the leader boards, if you click on custom games, me and my friend have tried to play, only me and him for almost 2 hours can you please update this, as it would improve the game a lot

Contact Treyarch Customer Service

Although, given how apparently little effort you put in Black Ops 2, you may have removed on purpose to protect such conveniences, the back of your lazy. 1. The evidence I have is that on his fight Record, his stats add up at all. Is forget like u guys, about the true COD fans and be sold to new players that can’t handle it, multiplayer and kids, y’all Messed this game.Infinity Ward and Treyarch advise, back to MW1 and B01. I swore I wasn’T buying another call of duty game, what so ever, because of this after black ops 1, simply because I think trey-arch is not under the hackers and cheaters seriously enough. I was banned from black ops 1 for the accession in the wrong Clique, but had a legit account and had cheat on no desire to. You guys should have thought of that in the game you will have done for you, because if I’m not going to buy me or my children, not their games. I was banned from using the emblem editor and player cards for life for a WW2 German flag as my emblem, Yes a Nazi flag. I’m on the opposite team and it feels like the person, or persons, lag switches, since it slows everything down, shoot you and then I killed.. It does it to me, when I split-screening with my little sister, too, so y’all should really check that out. Ive never had a single Problem with any of my games, but Black Ops stopped working after the second week. I’m not sure whether or not I should mention that his Xbox Live Gamertag, but like I said, he is currently the No

  1. For me, it is more realistic than the core mode; and forcing the player to a team.
  2. You guys also need system fix, the stabbing, for I have battles in several of the knife with people, and it took me almost 5 minutes to kill the guy.
  3. Lets talk logic now, I shot a man in the head six times and magicly he shot 45 yards away with a remington I was dead, but he remained standing.
  4. I buy this code in the gamestop and I write in the black oops 2, but the playstation network sad: the code is in error.
  5. Oh, and who the pathetic idea brought back tactical events, what an idiot anyway treyarch stick..
  6. I paid my hard earned money for this game and not buy another until I Know that these problems do not strip me of the joy I had with the previous games that you have designed.

I thought I would buy the pack just for the new zombies, because the originals were worth it, unlike MP. Not that you care, but you have a very loyal gaming customers, they all played from the beginning. Thank you.

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