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To say you do only one thing, only that you agree to their decision and say that you just remain happy. I was very patient with her, and they were always disappeared within two days, only every second month happens about once. I’m not ashamed to admit, I have military PTSD, but to find out, she is close to me, I have to reset in a bowl of sorts. I found you a new man, the number on Facebook and sent him all the messages and pictures she had me send. We were engaged to be married plans to children, we also used to visualize where we live and how we wanted to be things. I swear it was the hardest time I had ever seen in my life, I could not eat, sleep, everything else, everyone else goes through here.I went NC, in the hope of perhaps you would give me a call or text me, NO, I was wrong, I moved to another city temporarily, I feel better, But I’m actually feel like it is okay to feel better this soon. (dont say, the emotionally or with anger, only with passive tone) and go into no contact immediately. You specifically mentioned you liked the pic cos I took it from her, and it was during one of our dates. I decided to try it for our son, but I just could not get out of my head all the things that you obviously have with him, all the pain that I suffered in the course of the last few months, all the broken promises, all the deception, I don’t trust her a bit more, so one day, if you are in the shower, my instinct tells me she is fooling around, so I check her phone and I notice you talk a lot of people and make it seem as you individual.. Every time, when you visited, the reasoning about the fact that she wanted to marry someone of their choice, but not about the guy you had lined up would be. Broke me again. I had been with a girl for nearly seven years, at the beginning, we were immensely happy and so in love, moved in together, we ( I moved to her town), and got engaged,we had a fantastic intermate sex life unlike anything we had experienced both of them, before they flare-up would be full of tenderness and passion, and we were also best friends, but there were problems,her jealousy and insecurities, often I would happen as a personal attack and not really talking properly and worried about it again I also worked shifts in other city over an hour away, which caused friction, because she was very often leave the home, alone and lonely, still we were very happy and had a lot of love for each other. You don’t want to say, of course, originally told, can’t remember, then replied: in this year, in any case, she said, the past is the past, and you want to end the convo. It was not irrational, I just said:,, I loved you, and I heard that \\\”double date\\\” and I told her that we can stop, if this is to play as you go. I bought the girl a promise ring to say I’d be back for you as soon as I can. Keep in mind, if this was me a couple of years, I would be freaked out more, so it was clear that I was more of a Mature person this time and I trusted her, so I thought you would respect the fact that I let it go. Remember fellas, 25 is the new 18, she is a child, pretending to be a woman, who wants to whinge about how they had to \\\”go\\\”. (My parents and I had already emancipated about me always talking about, so it would only be about 3 months before I was back.) It was about another 3 or 4 weeks and my best friend, and they began to fight on a regular basis about everything you could think of, and put me in the middle, so to me the choice between the two

I visited here every month for 3 to 7 days, the whole time, and she came here only twice in this time. I could see it coming, but because of the cleavage on me emotionally or physically three times before (not for long) I told her the last time if it happens again, I will not pursue or continue the relationship. She makes some very self-destructive things, and they just up and to the left, if we split all of a sudden. Thats life. She was incredibly affectionate, giving and caring and planned things with me, until you a evening broke up with me out of the blue, on the phone.. I stay up at night thinking how my ex is probably fucking a new friend, while I’m sitting here in a shell of my former self. I was jealous, angry, and I understood what to do, how I loved you very much.So finally I told her, I’m not talking gonna be with you and be happy,and now we have never spoken, I spoke with her friend and her friend tell me that they remember me and always talk about me.I am confused, whether I should talk to her, friend or not,but this time, there is no dignity in my chest, but still I am in pain, I can not see, only sense of hope she would under Stans. All the questions you questions on you, your new relationship, what makes you and what your chances are. My gf would constantly ask me if I was to propose was going to be, and would tell me I was the man of her dreams and she loved me with a heart. I probably should judgment of sat on it for a day or so, it’s crazy how quickly the emotions cloud ones

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Despite what she had told me she had really liked him and wanted to then it is serious, but in the end, he had just had with her. But anyway, when we left, I asked her why it seemed a little strange between you (you only said Hello and did not speak for the rest of the night, by the way). My friends keep trying to cheer me up, but the cycle of feeling well and depression is draining me. The gym and food, health, see, mate, as much as possible (the stress of the break-up has helped me to drop-kg.) Also, the family speak, opening up as much as possible of the people you know and care about.. (She has a lot of guy friends). I had to drive exceptionally fit, able to, about a hundred miles in a day, but, partly through exhaustion, partly because of the depression, I gained forty pounds. See some guys are always interested in the physical stuff but I always respected and never did anything to make her uncomfortable feeling. You will need to constantly prevent your thoughts from drifting to these thoughts, you can do this by replacing those thoughts with some positive images. Obviously, my trust was not 100%, because the first thing was that came to mind, because it was hidden to me by another guy. She had bipolar disorder, and as soon as she started college in the third year of our relationship, to cause the stress began episodes. It was only this other girl who was acting irrationally and impulsively, to hurt me on the way

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