Trainee primary school teacher tried

Trainee primary school teacher tried


  1. tapes, he talked about the recordings of the Live-GoGo, where the recordings were made directly from the P.
  2. For all other, click one of the links at the top of the page to start enjoying your visit to The Baddest GoGo Website on the planet.
  3. A.
  4. Hey Marc, you’re right, everything was shut down, causing memories of the past, even more treasurable.
  5. Hey Lisa.
  6. We can’t forget about the Wolfman, Tricky Rick, DJ Flexx, DJ Kool, DJ Rico and all of the DJ’s from back in the day, as well as today.
  7. Hi, there is! I’m We read Gon’ Be Alright by Jeff Chang, and he speaks at one point to DC exchange as white took over more and more of the city in the last few years.

Thank you for keeping us on our toes and bring it to our attention, I also thank you for your support of Goobly. Hello Lucinda. We used to do the same, but we never got to the pen for R. As long as we live, we will continue to do what we do, and it will always be a place for Old School GoGo. We would go Cheriy, with the whole Southview Crew, essence, class, and sometimes the old Physical Wundor. When Jeff Chang spoke of P. I lived in Oxon Hill with the family for about two years in the mid-80s(not too far from Eastover), and I used to hang in the small data set and electronics shop a few doors down from peoples drug. A. We used to see you and your friends anywhere in the early 80’s, we even met a couple of times. That night godfather and Marky were there and the toe of the keyboards up.AtomicDog was played, as I never heard played before.I mean, that SHYt was crank’n.someone has to remind you and, more importantly, someone has a copy of the night.. I remember to try to be in Cheriy’s with one of those little Recorder under my hat and got caught, so I had to go and put it back in the car. mixing Board, through a series of audio cable. We know that the Paragon II very good, to celebrate it with \\\” Trouble Funk-every Wednesday evening, somewhere around 83 or 84. This led to a crystal Clear recording of the Live Band, in contrast to the mediocre to poor quality, that the customer device, usually with a hand tape. For all that don’t know, why you called the Band and Shows, it was because the bands used back in the day, a real show, well organized and in sync steps.

Tri-City Herald

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We have this thing in the air and it could not continue, so that everyone just left to fall, as we heard, P. The Howard – Remember the metal stumps on the ground that would trip you up, the left, after the old theater chairs had been removed. We used to hit The Paragon II to see trouble on Wednesday night was the man, a hump from the Southeast to the bus. (police). How do we transfer them to CD, we will send out an update, so make sure that you are in our mailing list at the top of this page. I remember, we were in another city, the first trip there, but we held back on us. G. P-FUNK-fanatics, the George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, had a show at Crampton Auditorium, and after this show, George showed up at three-and jammed with RE, the night. So everything you want to see in terms of Old-School GoGo, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you. Really scarcely do I encounter a weblog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. On this page you will find the baddest Old School GoGo is from 1977, but you’ll also find Old-School go-go posters, T-Shirts, Old School GoGo Flicks, 24-hours-Old-School-GoGo JukeBox that you can control, Old-School GoGo Videos, Old School Arcade Games and everything else directly with the Old School GoGo.. Crystal Skate is on Branch Ave, there used to be a skating rink in Forestville Belt in the early 80s from Forestville Rd Penn Drive. No mention of the soldiers from Leesburg, Va., Loudoun House hustlers, (LHH), we have the Lounge, the thing in the Cross Creek, Jimmy ‘ s., used to bang wit da Hill boys

Old School GoGo - Welcome To Old

We want to send a very SPECIAL DEDICATION to all the sound technicians, Outa-Site Mike (RIP), Googie, Mix Master and all the rest of the technicians. Congo players in front of Foxy Brown (Smokey and Ooolah Tony), were both good-the Congo player. E. U. Hope you have much success with your band, and we want to have a copy of your first show! (lol) thank you For your support Nikki. A lot of people forget or don’t know, the E. I can’t remember whether it’s the Coliseum, panoramic rooms or Cheriy, maybe all 3, because those were our favorite spots back then. Valerie West Creal (class of 84) Pine Bluff, AR, don’t forget about the go-gos in rose Croft RaceWay with RE, EU, problems.. but. A. Let’s not forget, cranked so hard in the Friendly system, there was water on the floor. I can still remember my first go-go as a teenager in the classics in Frederick with \\\” Trouble Funk Can beat Small and Chuck Brown Doing the Happy Feet, Yes, now that’s old school. U. E. Band Rare essence, as you would not allow hand-held tape Recorder in most of their shows. Lisa and Pinky. We agree with you, except when you say that E. was difficult, a boost of the bag, not as laid back as R. is not a raw bag. U. This was particularly the case if the P

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