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  1. And what happens when Yoojin know, Jeha and Anna fall in love with each other.Cos Yoojin really don’t like Anna.This drama make me crazy..
  2. I actually liked to make someone’s proposal, the character, is a teenager, the worked would be better.
  3. The battles themselves to watch the fun, because the quality is so television is mediocre in comparison to real Hollywood action.

Although Na has the social phobia and a hermit, I like the fact that you can still communicate well enough and brave enough to interact with people. He and anna are somewhat relatable, he falls for her even though it started with a pity out of him. NOW THIS?! what kind of grudge the producers have to do against me, Why cast Yoona, I will say, however, I find Yoona tastier then Park Min-Young. Jeha, the main character of this series is, as we see the drama, especially from his perspective, even though yoo jin and anna are also important. Really, this drama of love, up to ep 4, have a different story and really good with any situation that I can’t guess.

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Girls Generation SNSD Members

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Girls Generation SNSD Members

Girls Generation SNSD Members

You just mistakenly day-Yoona from the comments above, but you are in a conversation with a veteran actress.:) Chill out people. So, we would have been more understanding of your character, the missing intelligence. As for the actors and Actresses; I’m excited to see your future projects, because I was impressed that everyone behaves. Park Min-Young is very beautiful and I think honestly, they would fit better in the historical drama, with her beautiful skin tone and overall submissive acting style. For example, your expressions, when you said to your father, and your Choi Yoo – Jin does not change much. The drama was scripted well, couple that with the performers skills and JCW-kick ass moves and it was AWESOME. His Eyes.I just, I just can’t take them off of is sharp, but quiet at the same time.oopa 1bmore drama please before you go to the army.I see you want am I going to live for 2 years without you. There is no way he will fall for yoo, we can all see how happy he is all the monitoring is Anna.they look like a sweet dog baby, smiling, laughing.he is happy in time.otherwise, he is cold, you cool bodyguard.JehaAnnaFighting ! Love this drama. I’m falling in love with his charm that made me think, this is another drama that made me wonder, what is going to happen, everyone according to the episode, but unfortunately, Yoona the one that moved in this drama for me. Don’t blame for someone else, Yoona is only a support here by Choi Yoo-Jin, almost all impprtant scenes. You feel bad for JCW, he is a great actor, and this is his farewell (?) drama before going to the military. This means that the action, in order to make-to lead up to a terrible male, and so far, it is still touch and go. This means that the action to make roll up for a terrible female lead, and so far, it is still touch and go. To see the cast, I thought, YoonA seems like a nice co-lead), she’s pretty and all, but I read that comments, the raising of the eyebrows thrown at you, because your act is at best decent. He should have instead, your character made in a 15-year-old teen girl to go through puberty problems. LMAO! You are so obsessed with Yoona, that you spend more time and effort into hating you, Yoona ‘ s real fans, you adore spend.

  1. K2 easily and climbed to 6.6% in the first 3 weeks and if it is always up to the hype and the momentum it would have to be 10% of the last episode.
  2. But oh my efing God, why could you not cast JCW with an actress who is actually experienced and knows how to act, someone who shows a range in her acting, unlike some who just repeat their gestures and expressions for each role, you get and try not to have the characters of their own (Park Min-Young).
  3. There are many good idol actor turned, the are under-rated, but this series is not one of them.
  4. Yes, it’s the chemistry between JCW and SAY, but not a man-woman relationship, maybe a mother-son affection.
  5. This year, in the same time slot 12.8% Reply 1988 got on the tvN Signal got 18.8%.
  6. man in love with a 44 y.
  7. She is only popular because she debuted as an idol (she doesn’t even sing well and is too thin, and not so pretty).
  8. But sorry, next time, if you wait guys on a drama Song Yoon-Ah, what will fall on the end with the JCW, perhaps in ROME, COMEDY in which a 29 y.
  9. o.
  10. may be, You have started chemistry JCW and Yoona, in this Ramen dance, while the JCW looking at the montor and his smile.! JCW is always amazing, since its a healer.

o. Prasing should be done, to accuse in the crowd, or to criticize, which must be done, in silence, directly with the victim. Perhaps, when the drama reaches a 10% – 20% – assessment, such as Signal-and-answer-in 1988, I kiss your butt all the Yoona-hater. She was a character with many layers and a villain, you will definitely come to love, no matter how evil you are. After we have learned the guitar, your character portrayal, she played the role of Kaoru Amane, a teenager, suffered from xeroderma pigmentosum.. woman.

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