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U are so accessible, if the fans surround effect u like ji, the ordinanry people…. But that brings me back to planet earth, I’ll just have to watch a healer like 50,000 times. To be able to do martial arts.while he seems so nice, but The bodieeh is so sexieeeh and he also looks cool. Hehe. I’m so in love with his drama HEALER, was developed at the beginning of the series, a bit slower but like the story, I am hooked, Ji Chang Wook looks so hot, he is just perfect for this role, the chemistry between the lead pair is really awesome, the cast is perfect, the actors play great, this drama is similar to city hunter, it was good, but this drama is much better than the CH, I hope it ends well. U know how big of fans you have. I think that you did well, so much so that you may be able to make it better than Lee Min-Ho.to dress up in outlook and style, and casual, I feel that you you should not brush the hair too high because it makes you Mature more. For the popularity, the price it would be difficult to win, bc it’s 2 kpop idols member of the list. I m not into Korean drama, but because of the good Story and the acting skills of ji Wang wook is over bought. Good acting. Then I thought, it worked totally awesome characters and blending chemistry with Park Min Young in healer. I slowly see your progress as an actor, and you are one of the actors, I get excited, when you get to be able to cast in a drama. He just nailed his role as action star, the sweetest moment you have in episode 15 I believe, is just awesome. I like his face expression, do not wait now, just suspecious partner can, for the last episode, I have to see a healer, and also his acting is just awesome. U u said that ur mom.not many people do. He is so handsome.High. I’m really inspired and excited, with her perfect acting skills.While I watch each episode, I feel like I’m living the situation with them. Fell in love with him after I healer.he was soo awesome.I saw it 4 times in a row.I also watched Smile Donghae, can’t help my tears to fall when he cries.and he nailed him in Warrior Baek Dong Soo.I have just it.one of the best historical drama I have ever seen.to continue watching Empress Ki.He is a great actor, he is now my favorite.. I’ve enjoyed the dramas you were, you are, in fact, an experienced young man, you have mad me laugh and cry, and of course your looks are exceptional. He is extremely nervous at the interview, but he is not honest said to yoona that he is comfortable, with a live interview.so cuteee (y)

Ji Chang-Wook - AsianWiki

Ji Chang-Wook - AsianWiki

How unfair. Oh my boys,you will look attractive and excellent healer.You are also my ideal.I think some of the idea that you have more Lee Min-Ho and Kim Soo Hyun are, because you are a great actor and very talented. I loved healer and healer is my favorite drama.the plot, action scenes, mysterious things, and a really cute romance was awesome.. A man or a woman with not good looking always happy when she has eventhough skill you alwaya got mock that sell you, your looks, the skills. I would like to know the English name of Chang wook. Please. They are really impressive, I was watchin’ the drama Smile again with subtitles and I really like your expressions as an actor, well. I m your biggest fan.when I saw your drama healer actually, I saw you in my dream, oppa.Her acting is perfect, and they are so adorable.beautiful.and cute.You have all the features of the perfect person, you are great oppa.its me from the country of Nepal.Love you Soo much. So, if I were to give birth, I can name after him. Even if we don’t see you on the screen, only to know you have both found your true happiness, we will be satisfied. I Can’t find a word to Express how much I loved you in healer It is just something that can not be through the words that you described,you made my heart fluttered.You have beautiful eyes,good-looking and multi-talented.excellent,its perpect for me.thank you for your actions, especially in the healer and empress ki.im your big fans now of the unie-Indonesia

Ji Chang-Wook - AsianWiki

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My List of Best Romantic Comedy

JCW!!! It delivers excellent performance than The K2.Your eyes speaks volumes.You are the total package. Ji Chang Wook seems to have a new Chinese drama – a teacher-student romance, I hope he makes it, as a teacher, I always be the kind of storylines you find disgusting, but this is worse than his co-star would be only 17, please delete.

  1. Her acting was so daebak (in the comment on how to speak, changwook haha okay I’m crazy it is not like he will see this) Changwook act in ek is excellent, especially when he uncle name is gonna kill bayan (or whatever taltal) and they were um is just really amazing, and my favorite scene is the bathtub was a kiss scene yaaaaay I played it like 100 times already (in the course of the reaction.
  2. Ji chang wook is the best actor in South korea.I wish, he ‘ s future life.good luck to ji chang wook and I love them soo much.I am Rechal..
  3. Ji chang wook u is the overall directions of a tall,sexy and good-looking.ur role in empress ki was amazing,I’ve never seen all the actors that you laugh as much emotion as u fact u make me cry,smile nd.u were just so adorable, dat it was incredible to think that you could love like dat I read somewhere that your still a young actor in korea, but I think they are super star for me.Here in INDIA, people like you so much.I don’t know how other Korean star more than you.
  4. I ‘m watching Empress Ki, only 6 out of 51 episodes, but I’m already fallin in love with your wonderful acting.
  5. Mr Ji Chang Wook and Miss Park Min Young, may the LORD GOD bless you to find your true SELF, someone to love and to be loved, to your brain, lungs, heart, stirred.
  6. Park Shin Hye and Ji Chang Wook in a drama or movie that makes my curiosity me more overwhelemnd.You would be a great tandem.

I wish you a fan-meeting here in the US one day, when you return from your military service.

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