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As that was not my fault, and I received the letter today is there anyway I can talk to, to check the traffic of officials, if I still have the discount. I’ve got the receipt, in fact I have two just in case, plus I have screenshots of the payment thanks I hope again this is the last thing I hear. At the time of writing, you need to under Tramites y multas, see the section \\\”you have to click a traffic violation ticket\\\” on this link. Apart from you may send me a copy of the invoice showing I had paid the penalty you have not answered my questions about what it was. We also have members in the Philippines, Asia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, new Zealand, South Africa and Australia. It is worth to mention that, I came across some people on the Spanish expats forums, pay me the fine, on my behalf, if I pay an additional 100 Euro. The reference number on the bottom of the demand is the same number ahead of ny 00 left, and ends in a 2.. The only absolutely totally free Christian dating service fake profiles and scammers seriously, what us the No. 1 choice for free Christian Dating services and Internet matchmaking sites. But when you open the invoice, I was not able to print to this time and have lost now, the invoice page. Followed the advice and it took me to pay only about 3 minutes, something that I would have hours of nothing else to do. Thank you

K If so, what can I do now, my friend, to confirm and accept the points on his license. I received a fine today, found your blog, followed the instructions and succseeded in payment of the fine. In fact, the letter you would like to inform you that Hertz will charge your credit card for the cost of the management by providing their data to the Department of traffic of Spain. June, received 20 June payment within 20 days) Very good to you for the blog.. Below top left is a icon with a small picture of a policeman on the Mas Info which produces another screen with same but larger picture. Payment by credit card is not a problem: a receipt by E-mail and also print it in the case! (Ticket issued 9. For all North Americans, there is: I followed the link and the instructions of Darren, released 6 Sep 2011. I was lost, after the receipt of the first letter, and after googling in Spanish, the acceleration is in order, I found your post. I’ll wait for some more time, to see if the DGT, you can update your security certificate, if you don’t I still want to mention that on my post. Spain has a penalty points system in place, such as the U

I Have 2 speeding tickets In Murcia, I paid This, now, and I called the company behind the cards and everything is fine now. I care about every member, which is why 101 is the only clean, safe and the best free Christian dating site – 99% scammer free. Also a connection with Korean, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Latin, Brazilian, German, European, and other international Christians..

  • Me 50 euros was reduced automatically to the payment page where I was able to input the data of the credit card and get a receipt.
  • You type in the digits 12, the ignore, in my case) the lines and dots, and the total order before the discount.
  • I have to help someone wait for me to find out the way of paying fine in this newly designed Website.
  • After more than half an hour on the DGT site with my credit card in hand, I was not able to pay the fine online.
  • To be completely honest I was not sure what the limit was at this point in the road (50 km / h?) and there was a larger engine than I’m used to it, so easy to drive faster than you should.
  • To click slightly different layout, but as soon as the name of the right to the left, where they are easy to find on the website.
  • I called the Embassy in Chicago (no one picked up) I called the Minsitry of industry, energy and tourism in Spain (no one spoke English) I tried calling the number on the ticket, it was disconnected, finally I called the police, their number was also disconnected.
  • I met my Christian wife on fusion – one of the top free Christian dating sites out there, and highy recommended to our friends.
  • In our help article and ideas, which will show you the best place for meeting Christians, singles, events, love, recommended Christian books, romance books, social networks, online date rules sites and biblical dating and the principles of the free dating app-an alternative or a facebook alternative.
  • After paying my fine, with your hel I have now received a letter from Gesthispania asked me to Deposit for 36 euros to a Bank account.
  • As soon as the landlord has passed on your details, ends their involvement, if a lot of numbers only, and pulls it from your card.

For document type (there are different options), I was told, I click the home-identification and insert driving licence number in the box, but I inserted passport and passport number in the 2 boxes and it worked! (Hopefully no points on UK licence though in my case I was not, shall be liable to points as a minor injury).

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