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  1. The same is true for the noun utilization, for vehicle as for cars used, as a residence for the house, for the time being, currently, at this time, and in today’s time as it used to for now, and so on.
  2. Weak means first and foremost a lack of efficacy, i.e., it will power or determination is missing, weak; but it can also mean careless, wasteful, and responsibility.
  3. Perfervid deserves to be used, not only for its internal alliteration and metrical accentuation, but because its deployment usually shows that the writer knows the differences between the three fervere words.
  4. The services range from individual coaching, peer Advisory forums for women executives, and assessment instruments, and workshops, TJC Consulting developed a plan specifically for you and your company.

Tomentose \\\”covered with dense little matted hairs\\\” — baby chimps, hobbits’ feet, and Robin Williams are all tomentose means. The related noun crinosity is antiquated, but not obsolete, and can be used to find someone’s hair in a amusing donnish way, as in the Madonna platinum crinosity is usually a maternal-brown is now. If something is inevitable, it is bound to happen; it cannot happen and then somehow even more happen. Note that it is also, if not exactly a racist adj., certainly a racial one — AC Haddon races of man, from the early 1900s, classified races according to three basic hair types: leiotrichous (straight), cymotrichous (wavy), and ulotrichous..

Although fervent, it can also mean extremely hot, glowing (as in the \\\”fingers his ascot, Aubrey spirit, gazed absently in the brazier of burning coals\\\”), it is actually only the base line term; fervent is basically synonymous with ardent. Many authors are careless and try to modify uncomparables with comparatives like more and less or intense-I like that very much.. Mucous membranes. Mucous refers to (1) something, or secretes mucus, as in \\\”the next morning, his mucous membranes were in rocky shape indeed\\\”, or (2) something, or resembles mucus, as in \\\”The mucous consistency of its eggs kept the diner’s Breakfast trade minimal.\\\” Myriad As adj., countless means (1) an infinite number of something (\\\”The Local group is made up of countless galaxies\\\”) or (2) from a great many different elements (\\\”the myriad plant world of the Amazon\\\”). But if you really think about it, the key assumptions, which are in sentences such as \\\”war is always inevitable as Middle East tensions\\ increase\”; was \\\”your calculation is more accurate than the other companies’\\\”; and \\\”As a mortician, he has a very clear position\\\” nonsense. Pulchritude is A paradoxical noun because it refers to a kind of beauty but is itself one of the ugliest words in the language. To list the invitation of their school-age children, as many paradoxical words as they can is a neat way to deepen their relationship to English and help them to see that words are both symbols for real things and real things themselves. Crinite means \\\”hairy, or have a hair-like appendage\\\”, but it is mainly a Botanical term, and would be a little eccentric, applied to a person. The word is also fun to read because of the soft-e assonance and the k sound — the triple assonant noun form is even more fun. Hairy There may be more descriptors for different types of hair and hairiness than any other word in English, and some of them are very strange and fun. If you are distracted, your audience is by definition involuntary and numbed, then free gift and totally unique stand a better chance to penetrate — and simple penetration is what is AE

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I am more relaxed and confident leader, as a result of my participation and would recommend it to any woman in a senior position in your company. The Royal National offers a variety of drinking and dining options including a pizzeria, a pub, a bar and a coffee shop. It is worth noting, not only because the two words are fun but because so many people don’t know the difference. How many hair-related adjectives, hirsute ‘s original use was in botany (where \\means\”covered with coarse or bristly hair\\\”), but in the regular use of your definition is much more General. The adj. It seems that most bureaucracies often now in connection with wastoid youths, bloated office — who’s culpable for his own haplessness. barbigerous is an extremely uptown synonym for bearded. What’s worth remembering about puff-words is something that good writing teachers spend a lot of time with the drums in the students: \\\”formal writing\\\” does not mean free-of-charge to writing; it means clean, clear, to write a maximum of considerate. Advertising-to be English, to deserve well studied as its own dialect, operates under different syntactic rules than SWE, especially because AE goals and assumptions are different. Please note, that bald means more babies-from the bottom hairless as a bald, or shaved, but if you wanted to describe a bald person could speak in an ironic and unusual way, his bald dome or something. Strategize TJC Consulting will help craft a clear plan of action, the efficient implementation and achieve lasting results. Among other uncomparables are precise, exact, correct, entire, accurate, preferable, inevitable, possible, false; there are probably two dozen in all. It is tempting to recommend avoiding the noun usage so that no readers will be bugged, but at the same time, it is true that any reader who is bugged, which is put through a variety of both persnickety and wrong — and you can usually snooty teachers, lecturers, et al. The pedestrian concepts such as shaggy, unshorn, bushy, dressing and so on, we believe that you already know. Ulotrichous, which are classified correctly, with co and flocculant was added, the crisp woolly hair\\ is an old term for \\\”\”. An axiom of Standard written English is that your reader’s attention and expects you to have done the same. Not least of all, the noun is pilimiction, which is the name of a hopefully very rare medical disorder \\\”in which piliform or hair-like body-urine\\\”.

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